The Battle of Inkerman: The British Respond to the Russians

The British were able to confront the Russians as they moved for the attack. The firing was also enough to warn the rest of the army, especially those of the second division and this made them to rise to their defensive positions in a good time. The British commander De Lacy Evans was wounded in the battle and the leadership of the command fall to his second in command. Pennefather, who took over, was known to be a very aggressive officer, and this changed the pace of that battle.
When he took over the command, hardly did he know that equipped and superior Russian soldiers were confronting him. He decided to abandon the war plan initiated by his boss. The initial order was to fall back from the surging Russian soldiers and he decided that his 2,700 men should confront the Russian challengers. When he decided to carry out the attack, 15,300 soldiers to confront faced the second division. Russians reacted by bombarding everywhere in the Home Hills, however, no troops were left in the crest during this time of bombardment.

The second division of the allied forces under British control confronted the attacking Russian soldiers. As the Russians advanced through the fogs, the advancing second division encountered them. The second division was armed with Pattern 1853 Enfield riffle. The Russians on the other side were armed with smoothbore muskets. However, because of the bottleneck of the place, the Russians were forced to withdraw. The British were fierce in the battle and they did everything to outdo the Russian attack.

As the Russians were forced out of the bottleneck, the British gunned them down. However, those soldiers who were able to survive that were forced out to a very far place beyond the bayonet point. Eventually they were forced out of the way to a very far place at their artillery positions.
The Russians initiated a second attack immediately. This time the attack was launched against the second division of the allied army. This attack was on a larger scale and they used a greater number of soldiers in launching the attack.

The British commander was overwhelmed, as he did not know what to do with the fierce forces of the Russians. When this second attack was launched, the British were already depilated and weak. It appears that the Russians did not do their calculations very well, because if they had, the allied forces were already depilated and they would have ordered the third attack immediately. However, they did not do so; they delayed and waited for the British reinforcement to arrive. If the Russian commander Soymonov knew about the situation of the British forces, he would have ordered a third attack. Because he could not see through the fog, he could not read the situation accurately.

However, instead of launching an attack, he decided to wait for the arrival of his reinforcement before he could launch a third attack. Before his reinforcement could arrive, the British reinforcement arrived first and launched an attack immediately. The attack was such successful that the Russians were beaten back and forced out of their position. Thus, they were forced out of that place. However, the battle claimed the life of the Russian commander General Soymonov as the British soldier killed him.

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