The Battle of Inkerman: The Russians Move In

The battle started raging on the 5 November and the 10th division of the Russian army coordinated the attack. General Soymonov commanded it. This division launched a heavy assault on the allied forces starting from the Home Hill. The attack was carried out using 134 field artillery guns, as well as 35,000 men consisting of two columns of the military regiment. When these are combined with other Russian soldiers who were mobilized for the war, you would find out that the number would be overwhelming. The number would be overwhelming for the 2,700 British soldiers with 12 guns who were supposed to confront these huge numbers of the Russian army.

It appears that the Russians did their calculations as they did move in two franks against the allied army with the hope of dealing deadly with them before they could reinforce. The early morning fog aided the Russians who were very used to that environment; this is because it was impossible for their colors to be detected by the allied forces as they emerged.

The route to the battleground was about 300 meters wide and that was not narrow enough to accommodate the large numbers of army, which the Russians wanted to use to carry out that war. To carry out the war, the Russian general had to follow the orders earlier passed to him by Prince Alexander Menshikov. The prince had wanted him to send some of the soldiers to Careenage Ravine. In addition, before the battle was to commence, the commander had ordered him by the supreme commander General Peter Dannenberg, to split his soldiers into two that is north and east and to the Inkerman Bridge. This is to ensure that they provide support for other soldiers and they are to provide support to Lt General Pavlov. This means that Soymonov could not deploy all the soldiers under his control to ensure that they achieve their objectives.

However, Soymonov moved into action using 6,300 men, and the soldiers were drawn from Tomsky, Elakerinburg, and Kolyvansky and they confronted the allied forces at Home Hill. They were unfortunate enough, because before they moved, the British seemed to have a predomination of what was about to happen. Apart from that, the number of soldiers they already have, the British had strong pickets in different locations. The early morning fog did not disturb this apart, the British. Apart from the 6,300 soldiers, the Russians had other 9,000 men on reserve. When the attack started, the British were able to mobilize.

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