The Battle of Inkerman: The Russians Retreat

Pristovoitov, a colonel who was immediately shot in the course of the battle, immediately succeeded him. When he was killed, another Russian named Colonel Uvazhnov-Aleksandov was appointed the commander of the Russian forces. He was also killed shortly and another Russian was appointed in a continuous British attack. When this happened no officer was interested in taking control of the army, and captain Andrianov was asked to go and consult different generals of that problem.

This forced the rest of the column down the valley where the pickets and the artillery attacked them and they were eventually driven off. British resistance was brutal. The Russian command under General Paulov led 15,000 Russian men attacked the allied forces at the Sandbag battery. When they were coming, 300 men British soldiers defended aggressively and by vaulting the wall. With a charged bayonet, they drove the first battalion away. The 41st regiment of the allied forces attacked five other battalions. They succeeded in sending them away from River Chernaya.

Home Hill was the center of the battle. The command of the Russian army finally falls into the hands of General Peter Dannenberg. In addition to the soldiers under his control, he inherited an uncommitted 9,000 men who sprayed after the initial attack. These soldiers launched an attack against the British position and series of fierce battles was fought. The Russians started by attacking the British at the Home Hill. The British held that position for a very long time. The second British division who was in charge of that sector needed help and the fourth division and guards’ brigade were assisting them.

The British withdrew before men of the Russian forces took it. The Russians launched an attack with 7,000 men, and they launched the attack at Sandbag Battery. 2000 allied forces confronted these 7,000 men. A very fierce battle was fought and the control of the Sandbag Battery changed hands at different times. The British were such determined that they held their position strongly and stubbornly. The British infantry was so determined in their defense that they never shifted ground despite the aggressive Russian attack.

When the fourth division finally arrived, they were under the command of General Catheart and they did not waste time to go into action against the Russians. They launched a heavy offensive against the Russians in several fronts. Their courage motivated the other allied forces and they had to attack the Russians on all sectors.

However, Russians cut the forces from the middle and this led to the death of the commander Cathcart. This was devastating to the British and this led to the premature end of the British attack. This helped the Russians a lot and they were able to gain enough ground. French soldiers who arrived immediately pushed the Russians back. The fifth French division reinforced the allied forces and this brings down the advantages already had by the Russians.

The allied forces further repelled the Russian army. It is good to point out that the timely intervention of the French soldiers helped a lot. By this time, the Russians have deployed all their forces and they do not have more to deploy.

The Russians managed to repel all the allied forces attack and they began to withdraw from their positions. As they withdrew, the allied forces did not pursue them, but the Russians never attempted to attack them at that sector. Allied forces defended that sector out of their determination. This is why it was regarded as the soldier’s battle.

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