The Battle of Inkerman: Before the Battle

The Inkerman Battle was one of the series of battles fought for the control of the Crimean. The battle of Inkerman started in November 5, 1854 and it was during the Crimean War. The war was fought between the Russian military forces and allied armies, which include the Great Britain, France, and the Ottoman Empire. The battle was very significant as it defeated the will of the Russians not to fight the allied forces.

Sometimes, the battle was named the soldier’s battle, because of the wiliness of the allied forces to fight on their own volition, despite the difficult conditions they faced. The soldiers were determined and that determination sealed that war.

Before the battle, soldiers of the allied forces had landed in the Western Coast of Crimea; they landed there on 14 September 1854. The aim of their encampment was to invade the Russian naval base located at Sevastopol. The battle was devastating as the allied forces inflicted heavy injuries on the Russian army and defeated them. The battle was mainly fought at Alma. Because of the heavy injuries inflicted on the Russians, they fled in disarray towards the Kacha River. The allied forces missed their opportunities of attacking the Sevastopol. The British commander of the forces was Fitzroy Somerset. Commander of the French army was Francois Certain Canrobert. Both commanders could not coordinate their actions very well, and as a result, they could not agree on joint action against the Russians at Sevastopol.

They misjudged the Russians and decided to put the city into a siege instead of attacking that base immediately. However, they were able to establish a supply base within the Crimean peninsula. The supply port established by the allied forces was located in Balaclava. Before they could start their operation of laying siege on the city, the Russian forces under the command of Prince Menshikov moved out of the city with significant number of soldiers. He left behind only one garrison to defend that city against the planned invasion by the allied army.

Because of the delay by the allied army to strike the city, it created unique opportunities for the Russian army to move into the city on October 25 and attacked the allied soldiers in their base at balaclava. The attack was strategic to the Russians. They could not achieve their aims before they reached the heart of the allied base, but they managed to capture a significant portion of their base.
Balaclava battle was very revealing to both soldiers. Allied troops learnt many reasons from that attack. It revealed the weaknesses of the allied forces. They had a very thin hold line; this means that they do not have sufficient soldiers to control that line. Their opponents who launched an attack through the Techernaya River explored this weakness. This attack started on November 4, 1854.

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